1K High Build Easy Filler


Features and Benefits:

  • Very high fill and opacity
  • Simple, fast and time-saving processing
  • Fast drying
  • Suitable for wet and dry sanding
  • Over-printable with water-based and solvent-based paints
  • Resistant to silicones
  • Perfect adhesion on: Steel, aluminium, polyester putty, old paintwork
  • May be used on the following plastics: PC, PVC, ABS, PA, SAN, PU, UP, EP
  • Chromate-free


1K High Build Easy Filler

This Carsystem filler is a 1K Acryl filler from the group of Tec Line Sprays. It has excellent filling properties all in one spraying process. The 1K filler can be applied in multiple spraying processes, so that high layers of thicknesses are achieved. Ideal for spot and panel repairs.

er is excellent for the quick filling of small spots before topcoat application. This product is capable of producing a film thickness coating in spot repairs similar to that of a primer applied with a spray gun.

Available in various colours.

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White, Grey