Body 699 Clear HS SR 2:1


V.O.C Compliant


  • High Gloss and Lasting Protection.
  • Easy Application for all types of refinishing use.
  • Excellent leveling by adding thinner and possible to achieve an OEM surface.
  • Fast hardening with or without baking.
  • Ready for polishing, assembly, or minor touch-ups 60 minutes after baking.


Body 699 Clear HS SR 2:1

Crystal clear coat with lasting gloss.

699 SR Proline is a 2K HS acrylic transparent Clear Coat. Its high gloss retention, excellent levelling, and fast hardening properties make this suitable for spot panel and full automotive repairs.

Can be used with the combination of Body 753/754/727/752 Hardener in a 2:1 ratio.