Hand Sanding Block Kit Grip, 40 Holes, Yellow



Hand Sanding Block Kit Grip, 40 Holes, Yellow

This Handblock Kit 70x198mm Grip 40H is a multi-purpose tool conceived for sanding on concave, convex, and flat-shaped surfaces thanks to special plates attached to a hand block body. The replacement of the different plates is quick and easy.

This kit contains a hand-block body 70x198mm, a hose-adapter Ø 20/28 mm outer diameter, and 4 changeable plates: Convex with R = 160 mm Concave with R = 52 mm Concave with R = 100 mm Flat

Mirka® Hand Sanding Blocks are specially designed for sanding by hand in combination with Mirka’s revolutionary net-sanding products, although they can also be used with other grip abrasives. To ensure dust-free sanding the hand sanding block simply needs to be connected by hose to a dust extraction system.