Shaft Mounted Flap Wheel Aluminium Oxide




Shaft Mounted Flap Wheel Aluminium Oxide

ATA Garryson Premium Flap Wheels are ideal for use on a wide range of materials. Ideal for stock removal, deburring, cleaning, blending, and finishing, for example:

  • The cleaning of weld surfaces.
  • Removing machine marks and flaws.
  • Finishing stainless steel vessels.
  • Removing die-cut lines.
  • Removing flash from rubber and plastic surfaces.
  • Paint and rust removal.
  • Sanding wood.

Available in various shank sizes, sizes and grits.

Additional information

Shaft Size

3mm, 6mm


50mmx10mm, 60mmx10mm, 50mmx15mm, 60mmx15mm, 80mmx15mm, 50mmx20mm, 60mmx20mm, 80mmx20mm, 50mmx25mm, 60mmx25mm, 80mmx25mm, 40mmx30mm, 50mmx30mm, 60mmx30mm, 80mmx30mm, 50mmx40mm, 60mmx40mm, 80mmx40mm, 60mmx50mm, 80mmx50mm


P40, P60, P80, P100, P120, P150, P180, P240