Autogold 2K Toners



  • A comprehensive range of toners that covers the entire 2K colour spectrum.
  • High-gloss finish.
  • Excellent coverage.
  • UV-resistant and non-yellowing.
  • Advanced chemical and mechanical properties and excellent resistance to weathering.


Autogold 2K Toners

A pigmented Twinpack topcoat system with excellent coverage. The Autogold Twinpack range has been optimally formulated using colour-fast pigments that meet OEM quality standards.

A Twinpack topcoat toner system that is easy to apply and allows for excellent coverage and colour accuracy.

Mix in a ratio of 2:1 by volume with the Autogold HS 2:1 Universal Hardener series. It is used in 2-coat applications for refinishing work on cars and commercial vehicles. The Autogold Twinpack system provides a UV-resistant high-gloss finish with peace of mind for the refinisher.

Available in various sizes and colours.

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1L, 5L


Jet Black, Tinting Black, White, Organic Lemon, Lemon Chrome, Mid Yellow, Mid Chrome, Yellow Oxide, Organic Orange, Bright Orange, Scarlet Chrome, Bright Red, Scarlet Red, Red Oxide, Ruby Red, Violet, Reddish Blue, Mid Blue, Clean Blue, Blue Green Toner, Yellow Green