Autogold Automotive Accessories


Comes in 5L.



Autogold Automotive Accessories

AGA 1 – 2K Matting Base

  • This optimised blend of matting agent and resin has been formulated to matt down 2K gloss systems.

AGA 2 – Fish Eye Eliminator

  • This is a highly active anti-silicone solution formulated to reduce surface tension in Twinpack topcoats and clearcoats. It helps neutralise the effects of cratering and fisheyes in Twinpack coatings and provides excellent flow characteristics and a deep gloss.

AGA 3 – Fast Cure Additive

  • This highly concentrated catalyst blend has been optimally formulated as an additive for Twinpack Topcoats and Clearcoats to speed up the initial cure rate and drying time of the system. It is particularly recommended for use at low temperatures.

AGA 4 – Blend-In Additive

  • The Blend-In Additive is designed to help fade out of the wet edge of the Twinpack topcoat or clearcoat into the rest of the panel when doing spot repairs.


Additional information

Type of Additive

ADA 1 – 2K Matting Base, ADA 2 – Fish Eye Eliminator, ADA 3 – Fast Cure Additive, ADA 4 – Blend-In Additive